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Services for the Wind Turbine Owner

Owning a wind farm or even just one wind turbine isn’t yet commonplace.  You have a unique set of concerns that are outside of the experience of the insurance provider that helps you cover your other risks.  Your agent may mean well and will try to figure out what you need and where to go to fill those needs, but unless they have really studied the specifics of wind turbines, including your warranties, it is too likely they will miss some important details. And we all know what’s in the details.

The dilemma is either your insurance provider is too small and doesn’t have the resources to invest in learning the nuances of the wind power industry or they are too large and bureaucratic with the overhead that goes with that.

What would it be like if you had a provider that had the experience and expertise yet was nimble enough to be responsive and way more competitive in price?

That’s where Valentine stands. We have the experience and ability to analyze your needs and provide you with appropriate choices that save you money.

Wind Turbine Insurance
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